A Guide to Find Information about Hong Kong Investment Visa

Hong Kong features a special migration facility and that is known as investment visa. Any entrepreneur can move to this place with the help of investment visa. Like any migration scheme, it also comes with certain terms and conditions. If you are seeking investment visa HK, you need to know certain rules and regulations that are related to this kind of visa permit. This entrepreneur visa permit has been regarded as a kind of work permit. In case of normal work permits, regular workers are allowed in Honk Kong to find employment various infrastructural projects and other sectors. In case of investment visa, potential investors or entrepreneurs are allowed migration to Hong Kong.

Your Business Is Important

In order to apply for the visa, you need to have an important thing and that is your business plan. The plan should look convincing. If visa officers find that your business plan has a lot of loopholes and flaws, visa would not be granted. The person who wants to have investment visa must have a significant business plan that could make Hong Kong financially strong. So, this is one of the major aspects as well as criteria to get entrepreneur work permit or investment visa in Hong Kong.

Other Eligibility Criteria

Company secretarial & compliance services hk includes many other things. Here are the other eligibility criteria at a glance.

  • The person applying for the visa should not have criminal background.
  • Good educational background is also an important factor.
  • A substantial investment assurance in Hong Kong should be there from the side of applicant.
  • Prior applying for entrepreneur visa, the applicant should incorporate his or her company in Hong Kong.

Overall, it is quite a good idea for the investors or entrepreneurs to apply for investment visa in this place, as Hong Kong is a booming economy with plenty of investment scopes to offer.