Actuators and Valve-An Ultimate Option for Motion Control

The actuator and valve are most important parts of HVAC systems that ensure their hassle-free functionality. The outside unit of this system includes mainly of the condenser coil, a compressor as well as a fan. The Johnson controls actuators & valves are the perfect accessories that help to convert energy into motion as well as control flow of various machines.

  • Actuators and Parts

An actuator is a mechanical device for moving or regulating a mechanism or system perfectly. This device is easily transformed energy into motion. With the help of actuator, energy which is created by hydraulic fluid or pneumatic pressure easily converted into motion. This part of HVAC unit is possibly regulated by electric current. They are utilized basically for inflow-control valves, pumps, motors, relays, switches as well as positioning drives.

control valves

There are two types of actuator available such as hydraulic and electro-servo. A hydraulic actuator drives hydraulic fluid with the help of cylinders or motors. It is easily controlled by control valves.

A pneumatic actuator compresses air to utilize as its source of energy. They include a piston, cylinder as well as valves. The piston is used to keep the compressed air in the upper portion of the cylinder. Air pressure pushes the diaphragm down, which moves the piston down as well.

  • Control Valves and Parts

Control valves are highly appreciated among clients for their hassle-free functionality. These devices are suitable to regulate the flow, pressure, temperature, or liquid level of various mechanisms. The valve may be partially opened or closed to maintain proper flow, pressure or temperature, as it does with your HVAC system. These effective devices are basically opened or closed by utilizing an electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic control system.

There are different types of valves which are categorized according to their intended use. Angle valves contain cage-style as well as disk-stack style bodies. Globe valves may have single, double or triple-way bodies and port guided single-port, balanced-plug cage-guided or high-capacity cage-guided bodies. Rotary style bodies consist of butterfly, v-notch ball control, eccentric-disk control, eccentric-plug control valve bodies.

So, the Johnson controls actuators & valves are fairly inexpensive to replace if they become worn out. Due to their lightweight, these products are easily installed by the user. Excellent strength, lightweight, easy installation, flawless finish, optimum durability or trouble-free functionality are some of the distinctive features of these devices. You can easily avail these units from the market at an affordable price.