Auto Mechanics – Making People Keep Their Cars Longer

Holding on to their Cars a Little Longer

 A city shop supervisor says people are writing bigger checks to have their used cars in montclair repaired instead of buying a new one. Another service manager is saying that people are even saving money by buying and installing new transmissions and engine. A city shop owner says people are having their cars repaired until it’s no longer drivable.

Statistics from the automotive consulting firm R.L. Polk & Co. state that “the median age of cars on U.S. roads was 9.2 years in 2007, while the median age for trucks and SUV’s rose 4 percent to 7.1 years.”

Majority of car owners

Auto Mechanics to Benefit from People Who Want to Keep Their Cars Longer

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that more and more older cars on the road will start to need repairs done on a frequent basis, like engine and transmission replacement among other needed repairs, when people start to hold on to their cars longer. This puts the auto repair and service industry and its workers in a very perfect situation, since they’ll benefit greatly over the next few years.

Major Repairs are now Common

A city shop supervisor states that he’s seen cars get older in his 35 years in the auto repair industry. He says that people used to get rid of cars when they reached 100,000 miles, but now people are keeping them for 120,000 and even more. He also says that they’re keeping track of maintenance now that they want to keep their cars longer.

Majority of car owners set aside money to buy a new engine or transmission to replace their old parts in order to save more money from buying a new car.

The Looming Shortage of Auto Mechanics and Technicians

The shortage of auto mechanics and technicians is caused by several factors like qualifications needed to work on an increasingly complex system   along with fuel diversity knowledge requirements. The stigma of being a “grease monkey” associated with this career choice is also a factor. This shortage will only intensify in the next decade once the Baby-boomer generation technicians and auto mechanics retire.

More Auto Mechanics Needed

There is now major demand for qualified auto mechanics and technicians, especially the ASE certified master mechanics. Top notch mechanics often come from the top automotive training schools such as Universal Technical Institute, WyTech, Baran Institute of Technology and many more.

The synergy of benefits between driver and mechanic has been established now that people want to keep their cars longer until it’s no longer drivable. While a new car may be tempting to buy in order to replace your older car, it’s a much wiser decision financially to focus on what can be repaired to save off thousands of your hard earned money.