Be a Star of the Gaming World: What to Do In Picking the Best Motherboard for I5 8600K

You just bought a good working PC a few months ago. It obtains RAM and CPU that works powerfully. It also provides a fast video card which makes your game function all throughout the night. But something is lacking here and that is appropriate functionality

main types of motherboard

Your computer needs to acquire outstanding functionality. By that, it should contain an efficient motherboard. There are plenty of motherboards out there and if you are looking for the best motherboard for I5 8600K, then you have to consider reading this guide first. Become a master gamer and be a star in such world with the right board option.

Gain knowledge about the main types of motherboard.

Stores offer two types of motherboards. Each of them holds different specifications and functions.

o   AMD Motherboards

The Advanced Micro Devices motherboard only fits in AMD’s CPUs. It supports cutting-edge platform ideal for gaming, entertainment, and business productivity.

o   Intel-based Motherboards

This type of motherboard is only suitable with Intel CPUs. They are great for gaming, multimedia, and office work as they are meticulously tuned for perfection.

Be aware of the main board’s size.

Motherboards are available in different sizes which you need to be aware of. With this, you must be clear about your case and choose the one that suits the board. There are two common board sizes here which are:

o   Advanced Technology Extended (ATX) motherboard

o   Micro Advanced Technology Extended (mATX) motherboard

Check out the compatibility of the RAM.

It is important to check the RAM’s compatibility with the board. By this, you need to consider

o   Speed

For a continuous flow of work, it is best to check out a RAM that obtains the speed of 2133 MHz.

o   Type

You may choose between DDR3 and DDR4. Mostly, people prefer to buy DDR4 because of its speed.

o   Capacity

The maximum amount of memory the motherboard could take is important. You need to be extra particular about how you are going to use your computer with the board on it. Available capacities are 32, 64, and 128 GB.

o   Number of slots

Plan the use of the slots which could never hinder future upgrades.

See USB ports and expansions slots.

You must select a motherboard that obtains enough expansion slots and USB ports when you want to be making upgrades in the future.

Closing Thought

Choosing the right motherboard for essential in your gaming activity. With this, you need to gain proper knowledge to find a board that answers your needs. RAM, component computability, USB ports, and expansion slots should never be ignored, especially that these are useful when making certain upgrades.