Cheap Fleet Insurance – Know Why They Are So Important

Fleet insurance varies from the regular car insurance in many ways. State laws surrounding car insurance for the commercial vehicles are always very different than regular cars, and value of these vehicles is much higher for the fleet car insurance. With the fleet insurance, there’s not any personal ‘owner’ of the automobile; owner of all the vehicles listed on the fleet insurance policy should be the company, no matter whether it is sole proprietorship or corporation. Various add-ons for auto insurance, such as comprehensive and collision insurance policies can be very different with the fleet insurance.

Fleet can be the single car that the company uses for performing quick deliveries to the local clients, or can be hundred of dump trucks the company uses for construction and hauling. Irrespective of how many fleets the company owns and leases, the commercial cheap fleet insurance is needed to adequately protect your vehicle and the drivers.

cheap fleet insurance

Add your company drivers in your fleet insurance policy

When it comes about fleet insurance, there is never the good time for the automobile accident; however timing is particularly bad when driver of the company vehicle is not listed at your fleet insurance policy. It is where many business owners will run afoul of the insurance company. It is very important that you make sure each one of the employees are tasked with driving the company vehicle and listed on your insurance policy. Insurance company will calculate the risk based on who’s driving the vehicles, thus need to know the information to calculate accurately how much the insurance must cost.

Suppose you’ve employees driving that are not listed on the fleet insurance plan, your insurance firm might think that you’re trying to trick them, or you may end up dealing with all types of additional issues on the top of your employee’s accident. Many company vehicles such as large trucks and multiple-passenger cars need special licenses for operation, and the insurance company has to know your drivers are licensed before getting behind their wheel.

It is easy; just update your cheap fleet insurance whenever you change the driver at your company. Suppose you don’t, then your claims will be denied.