Pregnancy and child birth put considerable pressure on the body. It takes a couple of weeks or even months before a mother heals from child birth. The healing process is even longer for a mother who had a cesarean birth. Some women have found themselves depressed since they cannot start exercising immediately to get rid of the weight gained during pregnancy. Post-partum girdles provide some comfort during this time.

post-partum girdle

Why opt for a girdle post-partum?

Post-partum, just as pregnancy, comes with lots of controversial tales and beliefs. Some mothers believe it is best to let the body return to normal at its own time. Others believe the body needs help if it is to go back to the way it was before pregnancy. Many mothers have opted for the post-partum girdle.

  • Post pregnancy bodies can be depressing for some mothers especially since everything seems to be sagging. Post-partum girdles have been a solution to this problem. Many new mothers who have used this girdle swear their body shapes were restored to the pre pregnancy one pretty fast.
  • Post-partum girdles not only offer support, but they also help in alleviating back pain experienced after child birth.

What to consider when choosing a post-partum girdle

  • A crotch flap should be top consideration when choosing a full coverage girdle. This ensures that bathroom visits are easily executed.
  • Pick the right size. One may be tempted to get a small size girdle to force the body to its pre pregnancy shape. However this may be uncomfortable and cause health complications especially for mothers who went through C-section.

Pregnancy not only brings forth a child, but it results in body changes that may not be appreciated or accepted by the new mother. Post-partum girdle provides a solution to a depressed mother who is likely to sink to post-partum depression if the changes are significantly obvious. It is all about how people see her, not how she looks. Girdles have helped many mothers maintain their sanity and provide nourishment to their children with ease as they are happy with the girdles they use.