Encourage your child for Zindelijkheidstraining

If you have a baby then you must be experiencing few issues related to cleanliness. At this moment you think of giving training to your child and want them to become toilet trained. Cleanliness is a wider issue than what it seems. If a person is not doing things neatly, it can cause various hygienic issues and health problems. Therefore it is important to provide Zindelijkheidstraining to your child and make them more conscious toward cleanliness at a tender age.

giving training to your child

When to start?

This kind of training makes parents free of various hassles like diaper wrapping, changing etc. As a parent, it’s your call to understand when your child is ready but we have got some stages which will help you in getting information about when to provide Zindelijkheidstraining to your kids. We have divided these stages into four areas of development that are mentioned further:

  • Physical development: This is a stage where your children have proper knowledge about when he should go for poop and he is capable enough to stop it till he gets to the toilet. There is no scientifically proven age when these things are possible but generally it happens when the child is one to two years old.
  • Cognitive and verbal development: At this stage, your kid will make an effort to get to the toilet when he has to pee. If you are seeing such development that means your child is getting ready for Zindelijkheidstraining.
  • Motor development: In this area, your child will be able to put on and off his clothes himself. If this is happening, then you can get the idea that your child ready for such training.
  • Social Awareness and Emotional growth: This is a stage that occurs when you are helping your child for getting toilet ready but he stops you saying that he can do the same by his own. This is the biggest sign you can ever get.

After monitoring four stages, if you think that your child has passed all the development stages then he is ready for having such training.

Ten ways to move your child towards cleanliness:

  • Introduce the pot to your child and tell him for what it is meant.
  • Give your child something to play like doll or teddy bear when he is sitting on the pot.
  • Imitate the whole process of getting the pants off with the help of the doll or teddy bear he is playing with so that, he can have idea about how to do these things.
  • Recognize and understand when your kid needs to urinate.
  • When your child does all the things that you have told him to do, then applaud him. This will create motivation and he will continue doing the same after.
  • And also train him for getting into the big toilets.

And check at night, whether the diaper is dry or not. If it is dry that means you don’t have to worry about these things but if it is not, then provide him more Zindelijkheidstraining.