Get returns on your investments quickly

Startups can raise money quickly when they leverage this tool without the need to going through having to go through investment banks or venture capitalists. The challenges have not slowed down ICOs, as they are highly popular. Ease of market, quick liquidity and regulatory freedom and quick liquidity are a few reasons for the rise in the trend. The freedom from the regulation will provide the innovation along with the ease and liquidity of the product. It means that investors can get a return on their investment very quickly through mark curry loans.

economy of transformative technology

Raise the frauds:

ICOs are considered as an alternative for startups and also for the existing companies to raise the frauds of a traditional venture capitalist.In the economy of transformative technology, the innovators are constantly learning the ways to provide capital for new firms. There are some similarities to crowdfunding and Initial Public Offerings. ICOs are unique as they deal with supporters than the investors. It is fact that most crowdfunding and contributors will expect a return on their investment.


The scams and fraud will run rampant through the ICO campaigns. The absence of regulatory guidelines for ICO’s will provide an easy target for a scammer. Even though the ICOs are increasingly popular, there are also a few reasons why investors should be aware of the funding method. Therefore it is more dangerous and risky for investors and secondly, there is no actual product. As per the TechTalks, ICOs will happen before a product is built.The startups will use them to cover their development fees. Hence, you are investing in a concept but not on a product.

Financial risks:

The method of raising capital in a startup environment will pose a financial risk compared to the traditional methods. ICOs are treated as disruptive innovate tools from the first token sale in the year 2013. However, the investors and supporters are suggested to be cautious of ICOs from the mark curry loans. The ICO’s are not regulated currently in the United States by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Due to this reason, ICO’s are banned in some countries, including South Korea and China. The financial authorities also have some potential for fraud.