How To Rent A Shuttle Bus

Whether you want to travel with a large group to a corporate event or fun family trip a shuttle bus rental is perfect for getting this large group from one point to another, safely and efficiently. It’s also a better option than having to run around an airport figuring out your gate number and eventually inviting chaos.

Renting a shuttle bus is just a matter of reading the guidelines and fine print, and ensuring that the company provides their own driver.

Shuttle bus charter companies:

Some shuttle bus companies offer the whole package, this includes a driver. This basically means that you will not have to worry about logistics or worry about hiring a driver separately. This is a stress-free option because the driver will be familiar with the vehicle and also have the required paperwork to drive. To search for a shuttle bus rental in your area just type out the type of shuttle bus you are looking for in the search engine tab and you will find rentals around you that are easily accessible.

Consider the amenities:

Amenities may vary from company to company or even from bus to bus. So always be absolutely sure to speak with a company representative and ask him anything, get all your doubts cleared before going ahead and committing to a rental. Some of the options will include reclining seats, air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi, DVD player and luggage space. Shuttle buses usually don’t have a restroom. Don’t settle for the first rental that you find, do your research, and compare prices and customer reviews before settling on a shuttle bus rental.

Minibus Rental companies:

Some companies will rent out shuttle buses to qualified drivers as opposed to car rental companies that pose certain restrictions on its drivers. Many vehicle rental companies require their drivers to be 25 years of age or over if not then additional fees are charged. Each state has its own laws and restrictions on drivers/or bus companies getting their shuttle bus license. In some states the driver will have to apply for a commercial driver’s license in order to drive any vehicle that will transport more than 16 passengers. Most shuttle buses fall into this category.


When renting a bus always know the details shuttle bus rental of your trip, this includes, which route is the fastest and the most convenient? What will be your pick up and drop off times? What day does your trip begin? Will you have a wheelchair accessible bus? As far as drivers go, it is not compulsory to tip your driver but it is an excellent way to show gratitude and to thank him for a job well done. Also the rate of your trip will depend on the mileage. If the destination is too far then you will be charged according to the mileage, but if it spans over a couple of days then you will be charged based on the number of days along with driver accommodation fees. So the next time you are thinking about booking a shuttle bus rental, keep the above mentioned points in mind.