Luxury at a reasonable price with Chicago Motor Coach!

We all love to pamper ourselves with a little splurging for luxury, however, many think that this is not possible when traveling on road. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong as Chicago Motor Coach offers all its customer nothing but luxury on the road.

Rent coach bus with Chicago Motor Coach and change your perspective on group road trips. Want to know how? Then read on!

How is renting a coach bus the best option?

Renting a coach bus for a group road trip, whether it is a short distance or to another state, is the best option because of the many features it offers. Here are a few fabulous and awe-inspiring features of a coach bus that make it the perfect vehicle for group road travel

Onboard facilities:

While a bus is adequate enough for road travel, coach buses elevate the whole road trip experience to another level with its amazing onboard facilities such as

  • Ample luggage storage including over-head storage
  • Modern amenities such as TV monitors, PA system, device plugs, DVD and CD players
  • An On-board toilet that reduces the task stopping at gas station or other location for using the restroom
  • Plush and comfortable seating that will make the whole trip a pleasurable one


Generally in buses you need to pay fare separately for pickup and drop off but with a coach you can pre-plan the whole event and pay the company after the trip. This opportunity allows you to plan the whole trip in a detailed manner thus allowing you to enjoy the experience more thoroughly.

Better safety

Other than being equipped with seat belts, coaches also have all the necessary precaution to ensure safety of the passengers. And the risk of falling into any danger is greatly reduced as you will not have to make any pit stops in unknown locations for using restrooms or other facilities.

Array of choices:

Buses are usually manufactured in the same model but coaches upgrade their models regularly to meet up with the needs of the passenger. This regular updating allows you a choice of various coaches, so you can choose one that uniquely suits your need.

And much more!

Why Chicago Motor Coach?

There are many companies that will provide all the aforementioned facilities but among them Chicago Motor Coach stands out. The main reason for this is the utmost care that the company shows towards its customers, their whole experience and their safety. In it’s more than 10 years of glorious service Chicago Motor Coach has garnered nothing but appreciation and love from its customers.

How to rent a coach bus?

Chicago Motor Coach has a well detailed website that gives you all the needed information to make a thorough and well informed decision. You can easily request a quote and they will give you all the details pertaining to the cost of the trip based on the coach you choose. They also have a phone number in their website that you can use to make enquires.

Wait no more, rent coach bus with Chicago Motor Coach and have a road trip of a lifetime!