MARK E. CURRY – The Man Behind SOL Partners

Public Relation Agencies are the most influential helpers when it comes to building the name and reputation of a company or brand. It doesn’t matter if it is one of the biggest names in the business world or just a start-up company. There may be plenty of Public Relations Agency in the United States, but one PR firm based in Tonganoxie, Kansas is helping small businesses.

SOL Partners is known for their services as consultants for online financial services. This was founded by the current CEO Mark Curry. SOL Partners is proud to be one of the leaders in this industry because of the knowledge and experience of its team of professionals. If you want to know more about the man behind SOL Partners, this article is for you.

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Who is Mark E. Curry?

Mark Curry has always been a man with a vision. Mark is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation. His modest life as the son of a school teacher and a railroad clerk was his motivation to reach his dreams. In his early years, he has helped, many businesses in different industries which includes litigation support, construction, textiles, as well as food and beverage. He also managed to master the strategies in real estate development and “fintech”.

Mark is a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Marketing from a small Catholic college in Kansas City. He then finished his MBA in 1993 at Baker University. Through these years, as he made a name for himself while helping different businesses, he devoted his time, talent, and financial resources to different charities like the Child Focus, Camp To Belong, the Red Cross, and so much more.

What Is SOL Partners?

Mark Curry is the founder and the CEO of SOL Partners. The company is known to provide effective strategic management and also information technology consulting services to different financial service companies. SOL Partners has a very strong track record in helping companies achieve success and get positive results more quickly.

The Mark E Curry Family Foundation

Mark Curry established the Mark E Curry Foundation in 2015. This supports different programs like education, prevention of domestic violence, foster care, as well as gender equality and economic development. Mark gives back and helps children in need which is commonly forgotten by other successful individuals. This foundation was able to give homeless and abused children another chance to a more comfortable life.