Meet the Team Behind The Success Of Law Firm

Elliott Sauter, PLLC is an averagely sized law firm located in the heart of Dallas. But despite its seemingly small size, many businesses and healthcare companies rely on their expertise and services during times of legal crisis and persecution. The success of each business, and in this specific case, the law firm, is attributed to a variety of factors. The biggest will be the actual people behind every case and every win. Without their expertise and experience, nothing will be possible at all.

investigatory processes

Michael Elliott – Co-Founder, Partner – With his experience in the DOJ, he was able to understand the depth and complexities of various investigatory processes. Prosecutory methods are also constantly utilized. Such experiences proved to be valuable when clients are faced with the current situation of unavoidable investigations regarding their business operations. He was also delegated as the Assistant States Attorney in South and North parts of Texas, making him highly involved in the Medicare fraud case in North Texas as the lead attorney.

Mindy Sauter – Co-FounderSaunter boasts of experience standing in front of the court for almost a hundred trials. She also spearheaded some of the most complicated cases in hospital and healthcare cases and has been successful in most of her endeavors. Before she became Mindy Sauter – Co-Founder, she was a well-renowned trial attorney for the Department of Justice. Right after, she served as a federal and state prosecutor. On top of the healthcare cases she won, she’s also known for her keen ability in white collar crimes and cases. Together with Mr. Elliott, she formed the firm she’s currently working in now.

Chris Quinlan – Counsel – A proud graduate of Harvard Law School, Quinlan started off with providing advice to healthcare companies. He also has in-depth experience in providing assistance for civil and/or criminal healthcare matters. But his greatest ability lies in his extensive knowledge of investigative processes and in facing such cases to represent his clients.

Their website provides direct contact with the law firm. You can also choose to directly email the lawyers and consult with them regarding your legal worries. It’s good that you can easily get in touch with them in times of emergencies. It’s even more reassuring to know that you can directly consult them when needed. There are several pressing matters that often need immediate attention. And only professionals can provide the assistance and guidance needed. It’s recommended that clients make full use of social media outlets to reach out to the office as well.