Motherboard Care and Maintenance Tips You Must Not Ignore: A PC Enthusiast’s Guide

The motherboard is considered as the heart of the computer. It should be properly maintained. If it shows slight troubles, taking actions should be done right away. This is because it may grow more which leads to further troubles on your whole PC.

care your Motherboards

It is necessary to show proper care and maintenance to the main board to have it last for long. Better check out these tips on how to care your Motherboards.

Keep the dust off the motherboard.

Dust is dangerous to the motherboard. It picks up moisture which may lead to a short circuit in some sensitive parts of the device. It is vital to sweep the dust off to avert the problem. A soft paint brush is the best tool to use when cleaning the motherboard as its parts are extremely sensitive. But of course, you need to do it in a well-ventilated place to have the dust go out.

Check the fan.

Hearing a whirring sound on the fan is something you need to consider fixing with. Also, it the fan stops working, then you need to find a replacement right away. You can easily buy it from a nearby computer hardware store.

Look out for leaking capacitors.

Swelling or leaking capacitors are signs that something is wrong with the motherboard. It increases its temperature which will force stop your computer. By that, you need to repair it immediately. Replacement of the capacitor is essential here. But if the problem can never be solved, then it is best to replace your old mobo with a brand new one.

Inspect the CMOS battery.

Check the CMOS battery. A used up electrical energy found in this battery could stop your computer from working.

Proper care and regular maintenance of your motherboard are important. It makes you save money as costly repairs and upgrades are prevented. If you are having a hard time doing the job on your own, try to contact a friend who is knowledgeable and experienced with the task.