Personal Life of Jay Sekulow

Jay Alan Sekulow is the top attorney of American President Donald Trump. He joined Trump’s legal team only recently but has been a lawyer over 30 years. He also serves the Chief Counsel at the American Centre for Law & Justice (ACLJ). Over the years, he has been representing the firm in the Supreme Court of the US in various lawsuits that are of religious and social importance. ACLJ was founded by evangelic minister, Pat Robertson to protect human rights and constitutional rights for all. Needless to say, Sekulow has a strong belief system that revolves around Christianity and he supports the Conservatives.

Sekulow hosts

Sekulow hosts a television program called ACLJ this week and he also hosts a radio call-in program named Jay Sekulow Live! He has built a strong media image for himself in the past few years and he tries to understand the most important issues that are concerning the well-being of the state and the people through his shows. His shows are ideal platforms for healthy and critical discussions regarding various topics that are vital for the common wellbeing. He has guests and co-hosts on his shows to support him. Sekulow is the frontman of a music band named Jay Sekulow Band and he has played in public on many occasions. In the band which includes John Schlitt, Lead singer of the Christian rock band Petra, and John Elefante, former lead singer of Kansas, Sekulow plays drums and the guitar. Sekulow is also a published writer.

Sekulow was born on 10 June 1956 in Brooklyn, New York. He’s the son of Natalie and Stanley Sekulow and was born in the Jewish community. He attended Lakeside High School in Atlanta, Georgia and completed a BA and JD from Mercer University before he attended the Atlanta Baptist College. While he was in this college, Sekulow began to feel interested in Christianity and converted into a Christian after his encounter with Jews for Jesus, an NGO which believes that Jesus is the promised Messiah of Jews. This was a turning point in Sekulow’s life since it changed his whole belief system. Sekulow’s doctorate dissertation was on how religion influenced Supreme Court justices and their opinions.

Sekulow got married to Pamela McPherson in 1978, the same day as his birthday and the couple has been going strong till date setting an example for many. They have two sons, Jordan Sekulow and Logan Sekulow. While Jordan, the elder son is following the path of his father by working as an attorney in the ACLJ, Logan works on a Nickelodeon series U-Pick Live since 2005. Jordan is the Director of International Operations at the ACLJ and he co-hosts the radio and television programs handled by his father. Sekulow’s brother Scott is the founder and Rabbi in Beth Adonai in Atlanta, Georgia, a Messianic Jewish Congregation.