Reductil Withdrawal – Is This the End For Diet Pills?

Reductil, a popular prescription diet pill, recently pulled out of the market due to concern that it can significantly increase the risk of heart disease. What does this mean for the future of diet pills?

How does reductil work?

Reductil (registered trademark of the drug sibutramine, as well as Meridia and Sibutrex) is available from Abbott Laboratories. It is a selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. This means that it works by blocking the nerve cells that cause the absorption of serotonin (a neurotransmitter hormone that affects appetite and mood).

By blocking the absorption of serotonin, Reductil causes an increase in the level of serotonin in the body and therefore makes users feel fuller for longer, forcing them to eat less and lose weight as a result. The idea is quite simple and effective too. Reductil became very popular and was assigned to more than 300,000 people in the United Kingdom last year. This despite the fact that it was available only for patients with clinical obesity.

Why was Reductil remembered?

From the beginning, it was known that Reductil can have an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system and increase blood pressure. In fact, patients with a history of heart disease or stroke can not be prescribed. It was observed, however, that patients with normal cardiovascular health of sibutramina 15mg preço did not have a significant risk.

However, a six-year clinical trial with more than 10,000 patients was recently completed, and showed that Reductil causes a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease. These risks “outweigh the benefits of weight loss,” said the director of the UK’s Medicines and Health Products Administration Agency (MHRA), which since 2001 has attributed 17 deaths to Reductil.

Due to the evidence from this recent study, Reductil was withdrawn from the market and, as of January 21, 2010, patients can no longer be prescribed. Those who are currently taking Reductil are advised to consult a doctor to discuss alternatives. However, this is not mandatory, as there are no negative health effects when suspending Reductil.

What does it mean to eliminate Reductil for other diet pills?

Reductil is not the only diet pill that will be eliminated from the market due to health problems. Rimonabant retired in 2008 after it became clear that he was causing depression and anxiety. So is it better to avoid all the diet pills? Not necessarily. While those who are easy to lose weight will not lose weight by avoiding diet pills, these cases show us that there may be problems with some specific diet pills, especially those that affect body parts and the brain. Rimonabant was the first medicine of this type that was used anywhere in the world and blocked the action of the cannabinoid receptor.