The Pillars of Public Relations

Public Relations or PR helps companies and people get their fair share of spotlight. If there were no public relations agencies, many of the great leaders and companies would have been crumbled down to dust because people failed to notice them. If you dream to make it big in the PR industry like Ronn Torossian, it is vital that you learn some of the basics that form the structure of the profession. PR wasn’t really considered to be a particular profession until a few decades ago. Within just a few years, it became an industry and there are colleges offering professional courses related to Public Relations. With never ending expansion of brands and technology, the world is in need of good public relations officials today.

pillars of Public Relations

Here are the four pillars of Public Relations, that make it what it is:

Agenda setting and Strategy building

The very first step in any PR campaign is to set an agenda. It is very important to know what your client is trying to achieve through you and you need to get them whatever it is. However, never promise them any unrealistic achievements and time limits. Also, try to suggest them and involve them in a discussion before blindly following their requirements. With detailed discussions and strategy building, your client may change their mind to what idea you’re suggesting them after your research. This will help you both fix a particular agenda or a set of agendas based on your target audience.

Creating a dialogue

Creating a dialogue means how you put forward what you want to say, in front of different target audience groups in the most ideal way. This is also known as message segmentation of “slicing and dicing.” The message is broken down to different sets and delivered to different categories within the target audience. This will result in a collective and overall impact on the image of the brand in a detailed way.

Media relations

If customers are the King, media persons are your Queen if you’re working in Public Relations. You get to influence the customers of your clients only through media be it print, television, or the new media. Maintaining healthy and fruitful relationships with journalists is one of the most important things any PR person should do. They are the ones who are going to get your client’s story published and you need to make sure that they like you enough and you’re stories are good to get published.

Constant fine tuning process

No PR campaign is perfect and you need to analyze the outcome of your campaign during short intervals so that you can fine tune it whenever possible. This will help you gain better results in the long run.