Trust Cajonguide and Buy the Best

Someone who have recently bought a mike can be familiar with the guides that gives the details of the microphones based on the reviews. To buy a product like microphone, relying and a research on available models are very important to be a safer side and get maximum benefit and satisfaction. One such guide that gives details of overhead drum microphones are In this guide you can see the best five mikes based on its rating.

drum microphones

1) The Shure KSM32:

• Known for its natural sound
• Fast transient response
• Best for stages
• Attractive looks

2) The Shure KSM 142:

• Great with three step HP filter
• Elegant design
• Light weight weighing around just 156 grams
• Natural as well as very transparent sound

3) AKG P170:

• Very light weight weighing around just 130 grams
• Good response to changing frequencies
• Robust metal chassis is a pros

4) AKG Pro C414:

• Best thing is the nine polar patterns to select from
• Patterns can be selected from each application
• Three attenuation level that can be applied for close up recording and high opt out sources.
• Three bass cut filters that are switchable that stops the surrounding notice like that of wind and subsonic noise
• Overload warning with the help pf LED
• Detects peaks like short audio peak

5) Samson CO2:

• Affordable, budget friendly price
• Great quality
• Very suitable for live performances of great quality

Choose wisely what exactly you want. Get some basic knowledge with the guide provided. The structure of the product, the type of metal being used to make it, the precision, all matters and affect its performance. So be well aware of each and everything. Asking others personally also can help you just like getting reviews on the internet and guides. Sticking with the mentioned established and famous company brands can help you be on the safer side. The overall quality of the microphone should meet with the audio quality of the remaining signal chain. Also make sure to protect your brought piece from dust and other environmental effects. So when you have decided to buy one, why not buy the best one?