Ways To Assess Your Criminal Defence Lawyer

When you get into a criminal case, you have three options. You can defend your own case if you have enough knowledge and experience which is unlikely for most of the people. The second scenario is when you cannot afford a lawyer and the judge appoints you a lawyer for free to defend your case. The third scenario is what everyone opts for and it is hiring a private criminal defence lawyer in exchange for a flat fee or hourly fee. It is always better to hire a criminal defence lawyer Sydney but once you do, you have to assess his performance and take action accordingly. Here are some parameters to check that.

criminal case

Tooth and Nail Fight –

Even when a lawyer knows that his client is guilty and he is likely to get punished as all the evidence happens to be against him, he fights tooth and nail. He does all he can to prove it all wrong by various means so that the punishment is reduced and in the best case scenario, he may be successful to prove the guilty client innocent because that is his primary job and goal.

No Acceptance –

A good criminal defence lawyer never accepts the evidence produced by the prosecutor and the investigators. You are in good hands if the lawyer visits the site of the committed crime to find out ways and means to shake the witnesses and prove the client innocent. He gathers his own facts and figures to counter the prosecution and the reports submitted and prove them unworthy of trust.

Regular Engagement –

When a person hires a criminal defence lawyer Sydney for his case, the lawyer must keep a constant touch with the client. He constantly feeds the client on how to interact with others like investigators, keep silence to others, tries to extract different angles to prove him innocent and likewise.

Lastly, the lawyer must have a good relationship with the persecutor and even the judge so that he can mingle and come to a settlement to reduce the punishment and talk with the family members of the victim and convince to take the case off for a huge compensation and likewise.