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There are various types of tutorials whether you talk about online or offline. The IT field is in demand. And the coming future the trend of this will be more and more. So why not we should have knowledge of various courses which will make the whole life wonderful. This article, we will be discussing various tutorials like elastic tutorials,weka tool tutorial and also ansible online tutorial. So let’s begin. Basically, those who are beginners can gain knowledge of all this. The world of digital requires some of the basic tools to cope up with it.

Elastic pdf

What actually is elastic Pdf? It is actually an analytic engine and also you can say an open source and also a distributed full search text. Now the question arises where it is used? It is basically used in single page application or SPA project. This is actually designed and developed in Java language. Many of the big organization around the world use it for their betterment. The license to them is provided by Apache 2.0 version. You can rely on youtube or can enrollin online courses by which you can learn more about this in depth.



Now why this is designed and for whom is it designed? Basically, this is designed for those who are interested to know about software professionals. Elasticsearch tutorial pdf is for beginners who have some knowledge of programming. In this course, the main focus is done in the elastic search with the help of an example. You can learn this very easily. It is taught in a very easy and a systematic way. You can say that for those who are the end user and consultants for them this is actually good. Any engineering student having knowledge of Java can also learn this easily.

Elasticsearch tutorial

Use of weka tool

The weka tool tutorial is also important and easy to learn. In this,we learn about the data mining which includes the machine Learning algorithm. Similarly as of the above language here also some programming languages knowledge is required and especially Java. Here the code is automatically runes by the java code. You don’t have to put any code to run it. It is actually very easy and portable to learn. We can say that weka is actually a collection of various tools of regression, clustering etc. In weka, we will find the classifier which is not at all different than traditional machines. In this, the difference between more than one class can be done easily.


There is some process with the help of which you can learn the weka running process which is mentioned below:

  • The first step is to start the Weka while downloading it. Try to visit the weka download page and install
  • The second step is to start weka by double-clicking to weka.jar.file.
  • Next, open the dataset with the help of the directory.
  • Select the algorithm which you want to run.
  • The last step is to run the algorithm which you have selected.

These are some of the simple steps to be followed while running or installing weka.

Online tutorial

Now let’s talk about ansible online tutorial. There isa various online tutorial in the form of videos are available online. Some of the points are given below by which you can know what actually will they teach:

  • The task performed by playbook and the certain rules and regulations of it.
  • The various inventories.
  • Also certain types of variables which will include a number of hosts and group.
  • Also teaches you the secure handling of password if by change its
  • Certain types of failure to handle with care
  • And lastly, teach some interesting facts and figures and also some new and cool things like by ansible galaxy.


While working with ansible you will get more experience and new ideas to deal with things properly. You can even learn some new things. The more you will get indulged in the work the more quickly you will get to know about the experience. In fact, we can say that they will give you the better experiments and experience when working with this. You don’t have to irritate and frustrate because it will not take more time of yours. It will be utilized in the lesser time.Actually, you can see that the new technology blogs will be created which will give you the final and finish touch to deal with them.


The best part is to learn something in life as soon as you get an opportunity to do so. Try to learn more and more programming languages and various certain tools to apply in your project which will give you a clear vision of everything. The first impression of yours will be the last one.