Your Guide to Familiarizing Yachting Terminologies

Luxury yacht can be called super yacht or mega yacht. It is a very expensive yacht. There is no clear distinction between super yachts and mega yachts only that they have to be at least 79 feet. These structures are for wealthy individuals for personal pleasure. Whether you have experience sailing or not, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is you understand the terminologies.

super yachts

It would help you greatly if you understand some terms. Here are some:

Aft deck

Aft deck refers to the guest area, which is nearest to the backside of the boat on its main level. This area is often used as the main outdoor dining area.

Aft cabin

Aft cabin refers to the sleeping area underneath the aft. It is sometimes called mid cabin if it is located underneath the helm.


Amidships refer to the area at the center of the yacht.

Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)

When you hear provisions, it refers to fuel, food, drinks and other fees. APA is money paid to the bank for the captain to secure provisions on the owner’s behalf. The captain is required to keep the receipts and the account balance for when the owner asks for it.


Bareboat refers to the yacht without a crew. The owner, not a captain runs it.

Base charter rate

This refers to the rate an owner or charterer pays for the crew and yacht.


It is the course to an object from your specific existing position.


Berth means a place to sleep on board.

Charter terms

If you choose to rent a yacht, it is called charter. The charter terms refer to the contract when renting a yacht. The terms differ depending on the charterer.


Dinghy refers to a small boat that a yacht tows or carries. This is used to transfer guests to and from the shore for day cruises.


Draft refers to the deepness of the yacht below the waterline. It is measured vertically. This is crucial when steering shallow waters.


Flybridge is typically the second-story steering area of the yacht. It has a spacious room for the guests and provides views with sun deck.


The galley is the cooking area.


Halyard is actually a rope that is used to raise the sail.


Harbormaster refers to a person in charge of everything in the harbor from berths, anchorages, and traffic.


Head is a term for the toilet room.


Knot refers to the speed of the boat, which is gauged in nautical miles/hour.

Length Over All (LOA)

This refers to the overall length of the yacht measured from the stem to the stern. It is important to know the yacht’s LOA because dock charges depend by the foot.


Marina is a place where all yachts dock. It is also a place for restocking of provisions. You can rent long term or per day depending on your needs.

Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

It includes safety vests or jackets that can keep you afloat in terms of emergency.


Yaw means turning off course.